Writing Retreat in Guatemala – a Transformational Experience

Hart Floe Poet Writing Retreat Leader

A writing retreat can be a transformational experience.

Nial MagicGfind Mosharrafa aka Hart Floe Poet is a poet and teacher and a catalyst for change. He writes and performs spoken word but also runs a transformational writing retreat to help people break through barriers within that hold them back from living a thriving life.

Hart Floe helps you explore the possibilities you already hold within yourself, to expose and expand your potential. He shines a light on your dark forgotten recesses to bring you into remembrance of Who You Really Are. Through a combination of life-coaching, hypnotherapy, writing, performing, DJing and talking – he acts as a catalyst for this transformation.

Hart Floe inspires all those whose lives he touches. You can watch a video showcasing his writing retreat below:

But you don’t have to be an aspiring writer to join a writing retreat. By using the written word to express what is in your heart, you can free parts of yourself up to move forward in your life. Nial creates a safe space for this magic to happen and a cacao ceremony opens the heart to help you access your deepest truth.

It’s not uncommon for people to start out apologising for their terrible writing ability. They were usually told from a young age that they wrote badly and have internalised this on a deep level. Once they feel safe they write without fear of judgement, often discovering a previously untapped talent. Writing is a form of expression but also a therapuethic process.

The Eagle’s Nest, where Nial’s workshops take place, is a transformational retreat centre in the heart of San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. It is a meticulously thought out awe-inspiring creation that was designed with soaring in-mind. It’s pristine view over the lake instantly invites calm, tranquillity and peace to all those that are lucky enough to find themselves there. 

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