Award Winning Video Production

Green Lane Films is an award winning video production company which creates professional outstanding films that inspire positive action. We help ethical organisations and individuals get their message out into the world through video. Our films showcase projects that contribute towards a more sustainable and equitable way of life.

Using the power of story to inspire change, our mission is to change the world one viewer at a time. 

Our films have been seen by over a million people worldwide.

Award Winning Director

Video production

Green Lane Films was set up in 2009 by award winning Director Emma Goude. Emma started her career at the BBC Natural History Unit, directing documentaries for National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery, ITV and Channel 5 before moving into the non profit and charity sector. Emma started Green Lane Films in response to the growing number of people asking her to film their projects.

Emma is passionate about the power of story to affect change.

Green Lane Films is passionate about storytelling. Our brains are hard-wired for story and videos are a great way to tell a story to as many people as possible. Videos connect on an emotional level, engaging with your audience more deeply. They also help you establish your identity, which attracts your tribe and creates bonds to your most loyal followers.

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