5 Rhythms is a type of dance developed by Gabrielle Roth as a way of using movement as medicine. If we can tap into the natural flow of energy in our body, freeing up the blockages and expressing what is there through our body, in the moment, then we can surely heal ourselves.

Jo Hardy’s Conscious Dance Space, held every Monday in Totnes, is “probably the most popular 5 Rhythms class in the southwest”. She has developed quite a name for herself in the 5 Rhythms world.  Jo was invited to give classes in Guangzhou, China, introducing this therapeutic practice into the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).

Jo says that she has had to find a way to adapt her teaching style so that she can cross the cultural barrier. Her biggest challenge is the result of the communist way of life having discouraged individualism. Chinese people are more comfortable following a leader. Introducing a style of dance that depends upon you finding your own way of expressing yourself through movement goes against their conditioning. But, according to Jo, this is also what makes it so exciting.

Jo thought that a video would help them. They can watch how more liberated folk in Totnes relax and follow their inner compass, no matter how silly, to create unique movements that are gone in the next moment. Green Lane Films made a video to showcase her Conscious Dance Space in Totnes. The film has now been translated into Chinese.

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