Totnes 5 Rhythms Video Translated into Chinese

Jo Hardy’s Conscious Dance Space, held every Monday in Totnes, is “probably the most popular 5 Rhythms class in the southwest”.  Green Lane Films made a video showcasing this therapeutic form of dance, which has now been translated into Chinese.

5 Rhythms is a form of dance originally created by Gabrielle Roth that is movement as medicine. Jo Hardy has been teaching classes in Guangzhou, China, introducing this psychotherapeutic practice into the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).  Jo has had to find a way to adapt her teaching style so that it crosses the cultural barrier. A big challenge is the communist discouragement of individualism. Chinese people are more comfortable following a leader. Introducing a style of dance that encourages you to find your own way of moving goes against their conditioning.  But, according to Jo, this is what makes it so exciting.


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