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We particularly appreciated Emma’s enthusiasm for the project, her grasp of detail and the way she led us through the whole process from initial ideas to finished project without our feeling we had lost control.  Working with her enabled us to clarify our own ideas about the project, and our target audience.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, one we are keen to repeat. She highlighted exactly the key points we wanted to make, putting them into a coherent and very watchable storyline.  Everyone of the contributors said how much they enjoyed being interviewed, even those who were nervous beforehand.

The response from trustees and all those involved in the project has been to help them re-evaluate their work and roles objectively, which has been of great benefit to creating a stronger sense of teamwork.

There is no doubt that the quality of the video is a large factor in the increased interest we have received from potential funders and the media in the project.

Sue Holmes Totnes Development Trust