plymouth university

Emma’s approach was skilful and professional, dealing with the anxieties of participants and making them feel relaxed, whilst at the same time capturing important messages for the film. Emma has an ability to grasp the elements of a story and tell the story in a powerful and clear way that is very convincing.

Emma’s task was to film students engaged in a range of related activities on a number of separate occassions, as well as interview students and staff about the project. Her challenge was to take around 10 hours of film footage and produce a 10 minute film that captured the story we were trying to tell. What was impressive was that, in the first edit of the film, Emma had found a ‘golden thread’ to weave through the different aspects of the film in order to provide a strong and clear story. This film was instrumental in helping our team to win the Green Gown Award for Learning and Courses in November 2014.

We were amazed at the skill of the film-making and how our story had been so beautifully told.

Professor Janet Richardson – Plymouth University