Apprenticeship schemes are a great way to train young adults without them having to leave school early. This is not a new concept but the idea of an apprenticeship had gone out of fashion. 

The apprentice spends some of their time at college, working towards their academic qualifications and some of it training on the job with a paid position. This supports them to continue with their education whilst giving them the benefit of getting ahead start in the industry of their choice.

This project was designed to support interventions for tackling early school leaving by offering a second learning chance. It was co-funded by the European Commission, under the Lifelong Learning Programme, which aims to improve the quality of teaching and education opportunities in schools at a European level.

Green Lane Films teamed up with Iwan Kushka on a series of films to encourage young people to embark on an apprenticeship scheme.

Filmed in Devon (mostly through South Devon College) these short films show the most in demand sectors of work. The one below is about 21 year old Fran, a care assistant, who works in a nursing home.

Students go to college for a couple of days a week and the rest of the time they learn vital skills on the job. Many are offered a permanent position after they complete their scheme. It is also an ideal way for businesses to invest in their local young people and enjoy the returns when they stay on after.

Another in-demand line of work is in High Tech Electronics. This film shows a 17 year old talking about his apprenticeship scheme placement at an oceanographic equipment company.

You can see all of the videos here.

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