Any budding AUTHORS/PODCASTERS wondering how and when the hell to get your podcast ACTUALLY off the GROUND when you don’t know how exactly (AGHHHHH technology), BUSY with life, trying to WRITE you actual BOOK, keeping your HOUSE in order, three MEALS a day (agh) and maintaining a happy healthy RELATIONSHIP with your partner or with yourself, gives you little head SPACE for your PRECIOUS podcast. Maybe you even think it’s not WORTH it. Who are you to imagine you have an actual voice, different from all the others out there?

Don’t SABOTAGE your CREATIVITY with daily life!

Tanya managed to get some Arts Council England funding and that made her have to DELIVER it. I made sure the whole thing happened, COACHING, helping with technology, helping EDIT and then get it out into the world via SOCIAL MEDIA.

There’s sooooo much to do but so much FUN doing it!

And this is her second one! Well done Tanya!

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