Spiritual Documentary About Messages From The Dead Wins Awards

spiritual documentary
spiritual documentary

After twenty years of making films for other people, Green Lane Films Director, Emma Goude, finally made her own. And her spiritual documentary won two awards!

Take Their Love‘ was given the International Award of Merit at the International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary in Indonesia 2016. It was also award the Best Film at the ALIVE International Documentary Festival.

Emma was inspired to make a spiritual documentary after visiting her local spiritualist church in Devon, England. She received a message telling her to stop holding herself back and get on with it. The only thing she could think of that she really needed to get on with was her own films. So she decided to start there.

When she met Sean Bennellick she knew he would be a perfect main character for the documentary. He seemed like an unlikely person to be going to church but when Emma heard his story she knew understood why.

Sean started going to the church after he lost two children in a house fire. He got the feeling he needed to go to church and then a friend took him along. As soon as he walked through the doors, he felt calm. It was a safe and comforting place for him to come to terms with his grief. Receiving messages helped him face another day.

Emma interviewed many others for the film. Each had their own story to tell. But they all had something in common: they all benefited from going to the church.

This film is an affectionate look at the goings on of a spiritualist church in Newton Abbot, Devon. It doesn’t question the veracity of the messages, nor the existence of life after death. It focusses on the congregation and what they each receive.

Why, when church attendance in the rest of the country has declined rapidly, has this spiritualist church been steadily growing? Watch the film!


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