Green Lane Films Moves To REconomy Centre

reconomy centre

I had heard about the REconomy Centre a while back. But I had never managed to go and check it out.

Conversations with shop assistants were getting longer, veering way off the usual weather script. Worrying. I was working from home and living alone. What to do? I tried going out, to work at the Curator’s Cafe but that just led to a coffee addiction. And being pumped up with caffeine got me into trouble. I don’t trust the seemingly creative ideas that an Americano produces. Plus it was noisy. Great for my social life but not so good for work.

I finally made it to the REconomy Centre, which offers affordable space and a chance to meet, share and hang out with other people who are working on interesting projects. It’s a drop-in workspace, a supportive, nurturing incubator for start-up enterprises and community projects. You pay what you can afford because South Hams District Council don’t charge rent. Why is it free?

reconomy centre

The REconomy Centre is part of  the Local Economic Blueprint and Transition Network’s REconomy Project. I wouldn’t even be in business if it wasn’t for Transition and the films they commissioned me to make. Based on public data, they have estimated the potential value of four key sectors of our localised economy, and built a coalition of partners to turn these opportunities into reality. Together they agreed a vision for what our local economy should be and identified some activities and projects that will take this work forward. Now that’s something I’m really proud to be part of.

One day, I overheard a guy downstairs coaching one of his clients about their website. Angus Ogilvy-Stuart is a business guru, a growth accelerator. Maybe his clients will need videos for their websites! I introduced myself and within two days sure enough I had a new client.

Something has lifted. At home I was scrunched up in a dark corner collapsing inwards whilst at the REconomy Centre I feel expansive, light and outwards facing. My life has changed from one of procrastination and distraction to focus, discipline and high productivity. I’ve gone from struggling to make a living to having a full schedule. For the first time since I set up Green Lane Films in 2009, this financial quarter has yielded a respectable income. I’m well on my way to achieving last year’s goal of not qualifying for working tax credits!

I don’t know what took me so long! Probably all the procrastinating!

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