Writing Workshops in Guatemala

Video of The Art Of Writing From The Heart workshop at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

I sold all my stuff last year and bought a one way ticket to see where my life would take me. I ended up at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, a place I said I would never go (because Martin Prechtel’s books discouraged it) but where my heart truly wanted to.

I spent two month making videos for a retreat centre in San Marcos called Eagle’s Retreats, a village by the lakeshore. In exchange I got to live in a treehouse!

Here’s a short film that captures the essence of a writing workshop that Nial MagicGfind Mosharrafa aka Hart Floe Poet facilitated there.

You don’t have to be an aspiring writer to be part of Nial’s moving workshops. They focus on the power of the written word to express what’s in your heart so you can free yourself up to move forward in your life. Nial is one of the many inspiring people here who are helping to create transformative spaces for magic to happen.


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