Emerging Proud Film Reframes Psychosis as Spiritual Emergency

Emerging Proud, Produced by Katie Mottram, is a documentary that re- frames ‘madness’ as a catalyst for positive transformation: as a spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency. Katie Mottram worked in the mental health field for fifteen years. But when she experienced her own breakdown, she thought it was more of a ...
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Green Lane Films Awarded Best Online Video Production Company

Green Lane Films has been awarded Best Online Video Production Company - South West England by the Global Entertainment Awards of LUX Magazine. To become a winner, there must be evidence of extensive expertise, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Well done ...
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Guatemala Weaving Cooperative Empowers Indigenous Mayan Women

Filming Cristina today, who set up a woman's weaving cooperative in Guatemala, was an eye opener. We really wanted her to talk about the benefits to the local community of having a cooperative. To us it meant that their precious skills, talents, traditions, not to mention the hours and hours ...
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Hart Floe Poet Writing Retreat Leader

Writing Retreat in Guatemala – a Transformational Experience

Nial MagicGfind Mosharrafa aka Hart Floe Poet is a poet and teacher and a catalyst for change. He writes and performs spoken word but also runs a transformational writing retreat to help people break through barriers within that hold them back from living a thriving life. Hart Floe helps you ...
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spiritualist church film wins best documentary

Spiritualist Church Film Wins Best Documentary

Take Their Love is a kookie but affectionate look at the goings on of a spiritualist church in Newton Abbot where members of the congregation receive communication from the dead. Green Lane Films Director, Emma Goude, won Best Documentary for her short Take Their Love, at the Alive International Film ...
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Elderly Fitness MOTS

Elderly Fitness MOTs – Physiotherapy for Older People

Zest Physiotherapy for Life specialises in elderly fitness MOTs - a health test for older people. They provide elderly fitness check ups in Dartington and Totnes: a kind of MOT for older people to find out how healthy they are. You can just show up on the day and you ...
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spiritual documentary

Spiritual Documentary Wins International Award

After twenty years of making films for other people, Green Lane Films Director, Emma Goude, finally made her own. And her spiritual documentary won an award! 'Take Their Love' was given the International Award of Merit at the International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary in Indonesia 2016. Emma ...
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How Literacy Increases When Self Esteem Increases

Tribe is a ground breaking project in Devon focussing on improving young people’s confidence, resilience, academic achievement and literacy. The results clearly show how literacy levels increase as self esteem is nurtured. "In times of economic instability, low literacy makes individuals and communities more vulnerable to inequality, increasing the risk ...
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