Totnes 5™Rhythms Video translated into Chinese

Jo Hardy’s Conscious Dance Space, held every Monday in Totnes, and “probably the most popular 5™Rhythms class in the southwest”, is the latest release from Green Lane Films.  But the really exciting thing is that it is to be translated into Chinese.

Jo Hardy has been teaching classes in Guangzhou, China through an agency that’s introducing all kinds of psychotherapeutic practices into the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).  Jo’s had to find a way to adapt her teaching so that it crosses cultural barriers.  A big challenge is the mainland Chinese people’s preference for copying.  They’re more comfortable following a leader so introducing a style of dance that encourages you to find your own own body’s movements goes against all of their conditioning.  But this is what’s so exciting.

I’ve been to Jo’s Monday class in Totnes for the past few years and it’s has helped me recognise and sidestep my own conditioning so I know first hand how this practice can help us to explore new ways of being.  I wonder what the Chinese dancers in Guangzhou will make of the film!


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