Thula Mama – The Magical Effect That Singing Has On Babies

thula mama

Helen Yeomans runs a popular Mothers and Babies singing group, Thula Mama, which has been featured on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show. Mums sing together, harmonising their voices, with their baby in their arms, all snuggled up on a sofa.

The mother and baby group sings lullabies from all over the world and no matter the language, all the songs sooth the babies. Thula Mama is a South African lullaby from the Xhosa Tradition. Thula means ‘hush.’

It has been said that some mothers have got pregnant so that they can come back for more! It’s not surprising. Where else could you settle into a warm cosy sofa with your baby, be brought endless cups of tea and biscuits, catch up with other mothers (who seem to come back every single week!) and sing exquisite songs and lullabies under the guidance of a mum who knows what you really need?

Thula Mama feels like a nurturing women’s group. Full of laughs, story-sharing, tears of joy and welcome release. One of the most beautiful things about it is the confidence it gives the mothers. Confidence to be able to sing and also to be able to soothe their babies so effectively. A mothers voice, the most wonderful thing in the world. A truly grounding and empowering experience.

“Thula Mama is the only music that will put my baby to sleep – it’s magic! And I never travel in the car without it…” 
– Susie, mother of Finlay

Helen has been running her group since 2002 and was inspired her to set up groups all around the UK (and now in Amsterdam!). You can start a Thula Mama group in your area. 


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