Spiritualist Church Film Wins Best Documentary

Take Their Love is a kookie but affectionate look at the goings on of a spiritualist church in Newton Abbot where members of the congregation receive communication from the dead.

Green Lane Films Director, Emma Goude, won Best Documentary for her short Take Their Love, at the Alive International Film Festival (USA) 2017.

Emma wanted to make the film after going to a few ‘demonstrations’ at her local spiritualist church. She received a message telling her to stop holding herself back and get on with it.

She was soon introduced to the main character Sean, who had lost two children in a house fire. Discovering his local spiritualist church saved his life. He was clinically depressed but receiving messages from his children kept him going.

Having had spiritual experiences of her own, Emma found it easy to accept the idea that mediums were channeling messages from the dead. However, looking through the lens affected how she viewed things. Through the viewfinder, Emma found she was watching it all from a distance. Normally relaxed and tuned in, with a camera to operate and technology to to deal with, she was much more in her head than aware of spiritual energies. She could also watch back the footage and see more clearly what was happening.


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