Schumacher College Build International Network For Change

Schumacher College offers ecology-centred masters programmes and short courses attracting people from over 90 different countries, of all ages and backgrounds. You can even study holistic science!

To celebrate their 25th year, Schumacher College have built a virtual campus to connect people with thought-leaders, activists and inspirational teachers.

In order to fund it, they tapped into their most valuable asset – their database of contacts! Using a crowdfunding platform they set their target to raise the 25K in 25 days.

Fortunately they opted not to go it alone. They asked Green Lane Films to produce the video to realise their vision. It was a collaboration, choosing the right filming locations and the right people to be in it. They made sure to include all the familiar faces that potential donors would already know and love. Each were given a line from the script and spoke it to camera. Not everyone was a polished, confident voice but that just added to the authentic and human touch of the film.


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