Revolution in Psychiatric System

Dr. Russell Razzaque, author of the book ‘Breaking Down is Waking Up‘ commissioned Green Lane Films to make some video clips of the first National Conference on Peer Supported Open Dialogue that took place earlier this year.  Dr. Razzaque is responsible for the introduction of this radical new approach (from Finland) into the NHS.  Open Dialogue involves a totally different system of care, based on empowering the individual to navigate their crisis with the help of family and friends.  I’ve been filming their pilot training programme and watching Psychiatric professionals unlearning this new way.  They talk of how much they have to sit on their hands and hold back from being the expert with all the answers.  Instead they’re learning to be with their own distress instead of rushing in to ‘fix’ the distress of someone else.  And they’re finding that this has a therapeutic value in itself.


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