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green lane films

Reconnect Magazine Article about Green Lane Films

Emma recently moved onto a campsite by the River Dart when she had to move out of a flat in Totnes. She was attracted by the spring water and being able to take a dip in the river first thing in the morning instead of having a shower.

Being out in the fresh air all the time is invigorating and I just couldn’t face drinking the Totnes water any more – it’s full of chlorine and tastes like a swimming pool!” Emma Goude, Green Lane Films Director

green lane films

An 80w solar panel powers Emma’s laptop and charges her mobile phone which she uses as a wifi hub.

Emma set up Green Lane Films in 2009 after making In Transition 1.0, a full length documentary for the Transition Network.

“People kept asking me to do some filming for them and I realised my skills were needed,” said Emma.

Green Lane Films now provides top quality videos for local ethical organisations that have an important message to get out into the world.

She’s made films for Dartington Hall Trust, Schumacher College and Totnes Development Trust to name a few – “films that promote the important work happening in the local area,” says Emma.

I’ve just completed a promo for Rob Hopkins’ latest book The Power Of Just Doing Stuff which was launched earlier in June – what’s happening in Totnes today influences what happens elsewhere tomorrow and online videos help spread these ideas globally.”

So how does it work running things from a tent?

Filming obviously happens wherever it needs to happen, and she holds any meetings in local cafes, so the only thing she needs an office for is the editing – and that’s where the solar panel comes in.

The whole set up couldn’t be more green,” says Emma.

After years of being behind the camera Emma is now finally turning the spotlight on herself, developing ways to tell her own story through writing, theatre, documentary and screenplay – and is exploring ideas to present TV programmes that explore the subjects she’s most interested in.

In the meantime she’s available to get your message out – with the help of this Summer’s sunshine.

Visit http://reconnectonline.co.uk/


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