Green Lane Films Is Now An Award Winning Business

award winning

Green Lane Films is now award winning – having won Best Online Video Production Company – South West England by the Global Entertainment Awards of LUX Magazine.

To achieve award winning status, Lux were looking for a high level of expertise, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction as well as ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Well done Green Lane Films!

Green Lane Films provides video production services to help you get your message out into the world. If you would like to see what Green Lane Films can do then watch the promo below:

Green Lane Films Founder, Emma Goude, started out at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol. She set up Green Lane Films in 2009 to help non profits, charities and change makers make a difference through video production. Here is the story of how it all began:

Films have the power to affect change. This is what attracted Emma to documentaries in the first place. Now she has over 20 years experience of experience, ten of those have been spent working with people who are affecting change. Here is a a short film about the power of story to do just that:

For a FREE consultation to discuss the possibilities of what film could do for you, please get in touch here.


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