Fairytale of New York Totnes Flashmob


Acclaimed acapella choir founder Helen Yeomans asked Green Lane Films to make a Totnes flashmob of the The Fairytale of New York at the busy annual Christmas market.

With no rehearsal, there was only one chance of catching the Totnes flashmob live. Three cameras were set up in secret locations around the market square. It was a stressful shoot to capture Glorious Chorus perform what is arguable the best Christmas song ever!

Flashmobs are supposed to look like they are accidentally caught on camera by those around them. They are meant look unrehearsed and spontaneous, as if passers by decide to join in the fun. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Green Lane Films Director and founder, Emma Goude, followed the choir to get close ups. Beccy Strong, on 2nd camera, was instructed to get the reactions of unsuspecting shoppers on Totnes market. It was hard to tell who was in the choir and who wasn’t until the singing was in full swing. A third camera was set up in a building overlooking the action, to get wide shots of the scene.


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