At Risk Youth Takes Control of his Life

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Green Lane Films produced a series of films for ProjectRapport to help prevent early school leaving for at risk youth. 

It was a real eye opener hearing stories of adults who left school early. Much as I may groan about the education system as it is, what these early school leavers all have in common is that eventually they all went back to it. There’s just no getting away from the need to be able to read and write. Imagine not being able to read the contents of all that crap that goes into processed food. I have the privilege of taking my education for granted.”

Emma Goude, Green Lane Films Director.

After working on these films, Emma learnt to appreciate what an amazing thing we have, free schooling for everyone in the UK regardless of gender, race or religion.

Here is Will’s story:

ProjectRapport is designed to support interventions for at risk youth, preventing the early school leaving with a second learning chance.

You can watch all the videos in this YouTube playlist here.

ProjectRapport also runs apprenticeship schemes which are feature in this blogpost here.


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