Green Lane Films enters the Gift Economy with Poetry video from Åsmund Seip

After seeing Åsmund Seip perform his poetry in Totnes I was compelled to gift him with a video as a show of appreciation for his book “100 Days for the Earth – Love Poetry Revolution”.  We kept it simple, having little time to prepare or shoot and decided to shoot against a brick wall so that it didn’t set it at any particular place.  It could by ANYTOWN, ANYWHERE.  So here it is…

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Celebrating International Happiness Day

The Network of Wellbeing celebrated International Day of Happiness today with these short interviews.

Sister Jewel, Dharma Teacher and ordained Buddhist Nun, suggests that happiness is an energy we simply need to cultivate. “All we have to do is to water the positive seeds of wellbeing that are within us always – even in difficult moments.

Filming her interview was very moving especially when she told the story about writing her father a letter.

Author and activist Satish Kumar speaks about Happiness as a practice of continually connecting with people and with nature.

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Green Lane Films shoots doc for Brazilian Channel Globo News programme Cities and Solutions

A Schumacher College student, Ana Carolina Amaral, who happens to be a journalist in Brazil, approached me with the possibility of doing some filming with her.  She then managed to get a commission from Globo News, a channel in Brazil, to make a 20 minute documentary about Schumacher College.  The Brazilians love Schumacher College and a lot of students flock there for the MSc in holistic science as well as the Masters in Economics for Transition because you can’t do these courses anywhere else in the world.

You can see the first five minutes here:

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Green Lane Films Is 5 – Wins An Award – And Meets Lynda Bellingham!

Green Lane Films is 5

Green Lane Films is 5!  And that means it has survived those crucial years that see most businesses falling by the wayside.

So I’d like to celebrate by looking back at some highlights.

This year one of my films received an award…drum roll…only joking…the people in it got the award for their work and Green Lane Films showcased it in a video for their application process. University of Plymouth – Janet Richardson’s team won a ‘Green Gown Award’ for sustainability achievements in the Academic world.  And bless them they attribute it to my film! 

Here’s an INTERESTING FACT about how I began:

In Nov 2009 Totnes Job Centre gave me £300 towards equipment to set up an enterprise.  So I bought a £600 2nd hand Canon DV camera on ebay and an eMac that was barely able to handle Final Cut Express!

In that first year I secured commissions with the Dartington Hall Trust and Schumacher College, both progressive, ground breaking organisations.  I had the honour of filming Vandana Shiva and Joanna Macy, two inspiring feminine activists.  But it was the Transition Network that kept me going financially.  Rob Hopkins gets invited to speak at many events around the world but in his commitment to mitigate the effects of climate change, he doesn’t usually fly.  So instead, I made countless DVDs of him giving his presentation to camera.

Year three and I get another commission from the Transition Network to make In Transition 2.0, another hour long doc showcasing inspiring projects around the world that are tackling global issues at the local level.  I employed the talented Beccy Strong again to do camera, and Emilio Mula to create all the quirky animations that gave the film a friendly and humorous tone.  James Engwell fine cut the film with his digital finesse and loads of other great film makers from around the world also contributed.

Here’s the trailer which has received over 60,000 hits on YouTube

Emma at 5!The 4th year was a little sparse but I took the opportunity to focus on releasing some equity to invest back into the business. I also got to work for 3 months at Two Four in Plymouth.  Getting back into TV was quite a ride!  I got so much praise for my camera work, I hadn’t acknowledged to myself how acceptable it was!  But a highlight was going out on a boat in Cardigan Bay to see dolphins, with Lynda Bellingham, OBE (bless her soul) for her series My Tasty Travels.  Lynda and I talked about writing, as we were both at difference stages of writing our first memoir.  Lynda has now gone on to complete two and I look forward to reading them both.  I treasure the time I spent with her and feel sad and moved by her recent passing.

This past, 5th year is so full of highlights, I’m afraid I might lose you as a reader…so bullet points only:

Yellow StarNext year is going to be even better because after 20 years of working in TV etc., always making films for other people, I will finally be releasing my first ever feature length documentary.  The working title is Take Their Love and it’s based on the Spiritualist Church in Newton Abbot.  Watch this space for the trailer coming soon!

Happy 5th Birthday to GLF!  And a particularly large thanks goes to the Inland Revenue for keeping me going with Working Tax Credits!

My aim is to not qualify for them next year!

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Ashley La Grua

Green Lane Films Welcomes A New Intern Ashley La Grua

A new Intern started at Green Lane Films today – Welcome Ashley La Grua!

Ashley has a background in journalism (BA and MA from London College of Communication) but wants to get his camera and editing skills up to scratch.

I have loads of ideas I’d like to pitch but don’t have time to research and write them up.  He’ll also be looking for new clients – companies, charities and organisations who have an important message to get out into the world.

His first task though, is to come up with a trailer for my first ever feature length doc (Take Their Love) which is about the Spiritualist Church in Newton Abbot.  Then I’ll be able to see about getting it to distributors etc…

It’s a privilege to be able to offer an opportunity to help someone get back into the industry.  Ashley moved to Totnes a few years ago to get out of the stresses of London and he wants to get his creativity flowing again.  He’ll be a bit rusty on Final Cut Pro but I look forward to seeing what he can do with the trailer.

And it’s sooo goooood to have a Scouse accent around!  It’s making me slip into my northern twang before I get home for Christmas!

Watch this space for the trailer!

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Totnes 5™Rhythms Video translated into Chinese

Jo Hardy’s Conscious Dance Space, held every Monday in Totnes, and “probably the most popular 5™Rhythms class in the southwest”, is the latest release from Green Lane Films.  But the really exciting thing is that it is to be translated into Chinese.

Jo Hardy has been teaching classes in Guangzhou, China through an agency that’s introducing all kinds of psychotherapeutic practices into the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).  Jo’s had to find a way to adapt her teaching so that it crosses cultural barriers.  A big challenge is the mainland Chinese people’s preference for copying.  They’re more comfortable following a leader so introducing a style of dance that encourages you to find your own own body’s movements goes against all of their conditioning.  But this is what’s so exciting.

I’ve been to Jo’s Monday class in Totnes for the past few years and it’s has helped me recognise and sidestep my own conditioning so I know first hand how this practice can help us to explore new ways of being.  I wonder what the Chinese dancers in Guangzhou will make of the film!

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Plymouth University Healthcare up for Green Gown Award – Video

A forward thinking academic team is leading the way at Plymouth University by introducing sustainability into the Healthcare curriculum.  This video shows how they’ve embedded green issues into skills training as well as linking with the Design Department to create innovative products to make Nursing more resilient.  The team have been shortlisted for a Green Gown Award, which recognises excellence in sustainable practice in the academic world.  This video is part of the final submission process so fingers crossed it helps them win!

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EW Workshop 2014 1

Peter Fenwick’s Near Death Experience Video gets most views from Consciousness Conferene

An exclusive bunch of leading edge radical academics gathered at Dartington Hall to share their research on Consciousness earlier this year.  And Green Lane Films was asked to film the talks so that they could be shared with the rest of the world, who weren’t invited.

The video that has been getting by far the most views is Peter Fenwick‘s talk on Near Death Experiences.

You can browse all the other videos from the talk here.

I don’t think I’ve been in a room with so many people who are on Wikipedia before!

Thank you Max Velmans for organising such a ground breaking event.  And thank you to the person who left me an anonymous gift under my windscreen wiper – Hyundai red touch up paint pot.  Mystery still unsolved.

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